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Peacock Puzzle

Designer: Bumbu Toys

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The Peacock puzzle is made in the shape of the wonderful peacock with its extravagant plumage.

The peacock has very long feathers, with a multicolored pattern called peacock eyes.

From the peacock puzzle pieces, the child can build very interesting constructions - small houses, turrets and even different animals!

The Peacock puzzle toy contributes to the development of the child's imagination and creativity.

With this puzzle small children can learn colors , can develop fine motor skills, balance, can learn to count.

The Peacock puzzle is delivered in a special semi-round wooden frame, repeating the shape of the plumage, so your children can easily assemble the puzzle and store it nicely in this frame.

As a gift for each "Peacock" puzzle, we offer a brochure with variants of games, schemes for assembling some animals. You can repeat the animals we made or create them.

The diameter of the Puzzle is 40 cm and it is 4 cm thick.


The wooden puzzle Peacock toy is composed of 43 elements