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Drewart Toilet Outhouse

Designer: Drewart

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The Drewart outouse features an openable door and roof to make it easy to play inside! The  House features 1 levels inside,  hinged door and natural roof that is openable, inside is small toilet bench and toilet paper roll.

The Drewart company is a Polish producer and exporter of wooden toys. It was founded in 1982 by Jerzy Muszyński. The headquarters of our company and the production plant is located in Strzelce Górne (15 km from Bydgoszcz). We employ about 30 people. Many years of experience as well as expectations and requirements of our clients have allowed to create and develop a wide range of safe, ecological, durable toys.

Package dimensions: 23cm x 21cm x 20cm

Recommended for children from 3+ years.