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Fox's Big Family Change | Book Bundle

Brand: Slumberkins Inc.


When big changes come along—like a new family dynamic or new family members—big feelings can come up that are difficult to navigate. In Fox's books, "Fox, Your Love Stays The Same: An Introduction to Change" and "Fox's Big Family Change: A Lesson in Change," Fox guides us with a loving and empathetic approach to discussing the changes and transitions that families may experience. Children learn that when changes happen, it’s okay to have big feelings. They can seek support when they need it and embrace all their emotions.

Complete your set and choose between a Kin or Snuggler that will provide children with a loving reminder of the messages shared in the stories and affirmation card.

What's Included:

  • New "Fox, Your Love Stays The Same" Board Book
  • "Fox's Big Family Change" Board Book
  • Your choice of Fox Kin or Fox Snuggler
  • Affirmation Card (style may vary)

Age Recommendation: 0M+