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Penguin Family, Icy Cliffs & Ice Floe Set

Brand: Bumbu Toys


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When the penguins joined our family of handmade wooden toys we realized that those who have an adventurous spirit need a proper challenge to overcome. 

Icy cliffs and a ice floes are not only the perfect backdrop for all the adventures a waddle of penguins might encounter but also the perfect playground for all manner of chicks and cubs. 

Icy Cliffs, Ice Floe and Big Penguins Family SET that consists of:
  1 x Icy Cliff (Height x Length x Thickness): 24cm x 20cm x 6cm
  1 x Ice Floe (Height x Length x Thickness): 0,8cm x 17cm x 10cm
  1 x Emperor Penguin Female (Height x Length x Thickness): 7,3cm x 4,8cm x 3cm
  1 x Emperor Penguin Male (Height x Length x Thickness): 7,8cm x 5,4cm x 3cm
  9 x Penguin Chicks  (Height x Length x Thickness): 4,5cm x 3,3cm x 2,5cm

Age 3Y+