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Wiwiurka XXL Rocker Balance Board Pastel

Designer: Happy Monkey Shop

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Wiwiurka XXL rocker is our largest piece and because of that, children can use it for a longer time and it can hold more children rocking on it at once; basically, a child can grow-up with an XXL rocker. The best indoor-climbing toy where your kids could safely play with and keep them busy during rainy days.

Due to its versatility Wiwiurka XXL rocker is one of our most popular items, we just love seeing all the ways children have come up to play with it and all the ways parents have integrated it into their homes! A cave, mountain, cradle, lemonade stand, boat, you name it! 

  • Materials:

Side boards are made of  European Birch Plywood

Slats are made of Pinewood

Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints or wooden stains.

  • Dimensions:

47" long, 24" width ,19" height

Weight limit is: 180 pounds

Age range: from 2 to 10  years old

***Please do not leave your baby unattended***