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Benno Pecher has been transforming colors and shapes into art and architecture since 1980. Benno's purpose in using wood is to foster patience, creativity, and concentration in children. He believes that as children concentrate they find a place of calm on their own. Inspired by the phrase "strength lies in rest" he feels it is the same with toys and that calm is the mindspring of all fantasy. 

Regenbogenland produces all of its wooden toys out of beach multiplex cut on a CNC machine and all glass gems and acrylic stones are set in place with a non-toxic glue. 

These pieces create tranquility which contains love (interest) and patience (time), so important in this day and age so children can gather their senses in calm. This construction material not only offers the possibility of castles-houses-mountains-
Cathedrals-waterfalls-labyrinths-temples-ships etc. to design, but is also suitable
ideal for children to create and develop abstract and artistic structures to stimulate.
If you asked children what they were doing, you sometimes got an answer
I don't know, but it's nice. Children want to express that not always
everything has to be given - the main thing is that it is beautiful in children's eyes. During the construct and creating open up the worlds of antiquity for the children, which they in times of Romans and Egyptians and the Middle Ages lead.

In 1987 Benno Pecher tried to combine acrylic stones with wood. The result was,
that the children could put ornaments that really suited every imagination.
Buildings developed into ornate structures that extended to art and architecture.
The unique thing about a game are the many hidden possibilities that come together