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Bubble Science Experiment Lab

Brand: Hape


Improve your child's scientific thinking & problem-solving abilities with real experiments! This lab will help you create magic bubbles, volcanic magma, your very own crystals and more while learning about chemistry! The included 15 experiment cards will walk you through each experiment by guiding you through the materials you'll need, step-by-step procedures and the scientific principles you'll learn as well! Scan the QR code on the manual to be guided to operation videos to walk you through each experiment. Measures 18.31” x 15.35” x 5.31” when constructed. Adult supervision is required. For ages 8+.

Safety Tips: Always wear eye protection, clean equipment after use, properly close and store containers after use, wash your hands after carrying out experiments, do not eat or drink near the experimental area, do not allow chemicals to come into contact with the eyes or mouth. 

Includes: Measuring cup, funnel, 3 pcs of test tubes, flask, petri dish, goggles, spoon, stirring rod, plastic dropper, 2 manuals, 15 experiment cards, a bottle of baking soda, bottle of citric acid, 3 bottles of pigments, a bottle of iodophor, 2 balloons, 3 PH test papers, 1 Vitamin C tablet, 1 effervescent tablet, and 2 transparent sheets.