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Waldorf Numbers 0-9 Poster

Brand: Wilded Family

$14.00 $18.00
Our Educational Posters are designed for children to learn and enrich knowledge through art. This large size Number Poster is simply perfect for the nursery or kids room decor. Teaching your children number just got easier! Through this waldorf numbers poster you can get to know not just the numbers, spotting the dots to count, the elements in the pictures.
You can sing songs with the poster or tell stories with each number world being a small beautiful scene. This poster will make a great addition to your classroom display! Bright and colourful, it’s sure to catch your student’s eyes and help them in counting from zero to nine!

A poster for the children’s room with illustrations of Stephanie Green. Stephanie Green is an illustrator from rural Worcestershire in Britain. Creating space to dream, her illustrations are wonderful mix of nostalgia and whimsy. She shares her magical world filled with beauty, wonder and nature. Our wonderful customers have loved the Educational posters we have.